I was an ordinary family man. I love history technology and research. When covid started something was not right. I started long research with local and internet friends to find the truth about covid over 3000 hours. These are some of my findings fill free to prove me wrong:

  • Covid is the start of a never-ending medical tyranny.
  • Covid reported first in China.
  • Covid killed many people some times not the way you think. 
  • Most of the covid tests are from China where the virus was first reported and these tests can be wrong most of the time. 
  • Covid pass and Green deal is the tip of the iceberg. The rest of the iceberg is death and slavery.
  • Covid regulations will stay forever if we the people don’t stop them.
  • Our politicians can’t protect us for many reasons some of them love what is going on, some are scared for their lives, some they are bribed, some they have been blackmailed and some all the above.
  • Covid 19 started from the bankers.
  • China is the role model for the bankers: forced organ harvesting, slave labour, super surveillance. 
  • Covid vaccines have lots of side effects some of them life-changing and death.

After researching, I strongly believe our lives and freedoms are in danger by current politicians that is why I asking you to vote for me in the local elections in Swansea  May 2022,

Yours faithfully 

Katon Bouzalakos