For the people who are saying:
“I can’t go against the government or I will lose my job.”

This is my answer:
“Keep your job, lose your kids.”
In few months your government will force you to vaccinate your kids with an emergency approved drag.

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Tired of having one-sided news from all the mainstream media in Wales and the UK? We created FreeDragon, where we provide truly unbiased news looking at both alternative and MSM (Main Stream Meda). BBC has censored all the scientists that you will see below. Get informed, today!

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2 days ago

Katon Bouzal was written on the 26th of March 2020 at the beginning of all this lockdown madness. I called this as a cull from the beginning. Please feel free to comment on the content but not the quality of …
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2 weeks ago

Katon Bouzal
I love you Piers Corbynthe brother of Jeremy Corbyn keep up the good work
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3 weeks ago

Katon Bouzal
Free speech
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