The people know the following facts and do nothing, becoming complicit in the kid’s mass murder.

Dr. James Thorp: Shocking & Escalating Covid Vaccine Side Effects In Pregnant Women

Excess baby deaths investigation.

High excess deaths in Australia

And other countries. Provisional Mortality Statistics Latest release Provisional deaths data for measuring changes in patterns of mortality… 2022, deaths up to 30 June 92,699 13,524 (17.1%) more than the historical average. In June 16,749 deaths, 2,410 (16.8%) above the historical average. COVID-19 Mortality in Australia Deaths registered until 31 August 2022… 11,441 deaths where people died with or from COVID-19 The ABS expects to receive further registrations for this period 2.7% of people who have died during the pandemic period (Total deaths = 426,302) Of the 11,441 covid related deaths Covid underlying cause of death, for 9,428 (82.4%) (disease or condition that initiated the train of morbid events leading to death) Graph, certified acute outcomes 2,013 died of other causes (but COVID-19 contributed to their death) Cancer, 26.4% Circulatory system, 24.9% Dementia 20.2% Kidney and urinary, 4.3% Falls, 4.2% Respiratory disease, 3.7 Others, 12.5% Population, 25,890,773 (31 March 2022)… 0.044% 0.036% Most common pre-existing chronic condition For those who had COVID-19 certified as the underlying cause of death Chronic cardiac conditions 95% of deaths caused by covid have other conditions listed on the death certificate On average, deaths due to COVID-19 had 3.0 other diseases and conditions certified alongside the virus Graph, most common pre-existing conditions Death due to long term effects of COVID-19 98 Deaths due to COVID-19: Age and sex Males, 5,300 deaths due to COVID-19 Females, 4,128 deaths due to COVID-19 Median age for COVID-19 deaths 85.3 years (83.5 years for males, 87.4 years for females) Graph, death by age and sex Deaths due to COVID-19: socio-economic status Deaths around 3 times higher in those in quintile 1 (most disadvantaged), than those in quintile 5 (least disadvantaged)

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