I talk to people about political corruption, wars, pandemics climate change, and the first thing they reply to me is I can do nothing I am too small or some other hopeless answer. Is a very easy way to battle all the above problems in two simple steps.

Step 1: Educate yourself follow the money and Find the real enemy.

For example, the BBC will tell you that the war in Ukraine is Russia’s fault. RT TV will tell you Is America’s fault. The same thing happening with Israel and Palestine. People pick a side they put a flag in the garden or go to a protest.

After all this emotional havoc they go to the PUB drink a few pints of Larga pay with Google Pay or Apple Pay and go home with UBER. What these people do not know is that Google Pay, Apple Pay, and UBER belong to the same people who started or financed all the wars in the last 100 years. THE FUKING FINANCE GIANTS like Blackrock, Vanguard, and a few others have shares of every company in the stock market, and these companies share shares between them with a few words that own almost everything. For example, think of a spider net anywhere in the net you touch the spider in the middle can feel it.

The video MONOPOLY  Who Owns Everything by Tim Gielen on YouTube had over 1 million views before being banned. But Tim Gielen uploaded the video on the Rumble video platform and has 180.000 views. Thanks, Tim Gielen.

Step Two: Now you know your real enemy try Not to buy from them, Is so simple. It is not always possible to avoid them because they are almost everywhere, and educate your friends and family to do the same. For example, try to pay cash as much as possible Visa cards, Mastercard, and the banks belong to them I know the coins are heavy but the blood in these people’s hands is heavier. Do not use Uber use local taxis. don’t buy from their Supper stores like Tesco, Sainsbury, ASDA, BOOKERS try to buy from local markets and farmers. the only “independent” franchise I know is Aldi if you know more write in the comments.