?BREAKING NEWS?The Pfizer leaflet from the Vaccination Center in the last page say conditional approval Further evidence awaited. 09/2021

What this means for you.

You take this covid vaccine your risk.

No liability for Pfizer is all your fault if you get injured.

If you don’t take your regular booster you lose your vaccine passport.

Ask your life insurance if they cover covid 19 vaccine injury.  or anything has to do with covid.

If you don’t take the vaccine you are anti-vaxxer.

You can’t go to Clubs and Cinemas without a test if you don’t have a vaccine passport.

And if you work in the health sector you going to lose your job.

2025 you have to get your Swansea University covid 19 smart Vaccine.

2027-29 rolling out digital currency “digital Sterling” cashless society.

Pay with your arm smart vaccine.

2028 -30 Chinese social score you can’t get in a bus-train aeroplane if the government don’t like you.

OBEY or we will crush you.

Your Global Communist Government 2030