Anyone who promotes Covid measures or Covid vaccines will face justice for genocide. ~Mr Katon Bouzalakos

~Sir Christopher Chope MP

There’s a lot more damage being done to our citizens as a result of COVID-19 vaccinations than any other vaccination program in history.’

Timeline of Corruption

July 7th – Sir Christophers Chope MP requested from Matt Hancock on record inside the parliament, to produce the NHS adverse reaction report for covid 19 vaccines.

July 25th – Matt Hancock kiss scandal.

September 10th – Sir Christophers Chope MP asked again (see the following video) for the NHS Covid 19 adverse reaction report; why did this report take so long? When the report would be published? Did you see the report on Mainstream media?  Is this report scary?  

Now they want to vaccinate kids with an emergency approve drug? Do you trust them?

Our target is to share facts that are being censored from criminal Main Steam Media about the World Bank, World Economy Forum, the corrupt politicians, scientists and all the people who are behind this Global Medical Dictatorship in order to have them face justice for Genocide.
Please read and share far and wide.

Yours sincerely,
Katon Bouzalakos
2021 Swansea West candidate, Wales, United Kingdom