Austria to put millions of unvaccinated people in Covid lockdown. Smells like Tyranny.

Austria is to introduce a lockdown for unvaccinated people in two of Europe’s worst-hit coronavirus regions from Monday and could extend it across the country, the chancellor, Alexander Schallenberg, has said.

Millions of people not fully vaccinated against Covid in the regions of Upper Austria and Salzburg will be allowed to leave their homes only for reasons considered essential to life, such as going to work, grocery shopping or visiting the doctor, Schallenberg said – measures believed to be unprecedented in Europe. Read the full story:

All Tyrannical governments say: We take your freedom away for your own good. It doesn’t matter if is far right or far left tyranny is tyranny. All tyrannies have one thing in common red for blood. If you think I am vaccinated I am safe from tyranny think again did Hitler jailed Jews only? No Hitler jailed anyone was against his will. Soon or later you will be in the way.