Did you lose your freedom?

Did you lose a loved one from the covid business?

Did you get injured from covid jabs or a person you know?

Did you lose your job from the covid business?

It is official covid pass and covid discrimination is a crime against humanity, view the evidence on the following page.

If you have been affected anyway by covid policies then make class action in your area, you only need 10 people like you, and you can get compensation of thousands maybe a hundred of thousands of pounds. Visit your local law firm and ask for advice. On our website you can find evidence for your claim. The following page has some info on how you can start a class action.—uk-guide/

Did any person or people discriminate you because of covid policies now they have to pay.

If this was your local doctor, your Boss, your counsellor, or your local police officer, you don’t need to target the big guys. Your local authorities can take full responsibility for their actions.

They can not claim “I was following orders”. This is not working.

They can not claim “this was not my responsibility” It will not work either.

The local officials, private companies, and any other person have full responsibility for their actions. If they violated human rights now is the time for them to pay. Every single one of them has to face justice.

The local officials got voted by the people, but they’re only trying to please their party leaders and the bankers.

The banks make big money with pandemics, wars, fuel shortages, food shortages and climate change how is possible to make alwas money when people suffer? Julian Assange, explained in very simple words in the following video: Never-ending wars never-ending pandemics, never-ending fuel shortages, never-ending food shortages, never-ending climate emergency

When we finish with the local problems our next target must be the bankers, we have to start the biggest class action in the world against the bankers. Everything bad happening in this world is because of bankers.

We have to abolish the rotten centralized banking system, money must be decentralized and private. It is every person’s fundamental right to have payment privacy.  We have to use cash, gold, silver, and privet crypto. Avoid using electronic payments from this rotten system.  

Vanguard owns Black rock and together have shares in almost all other companies in the world. The bankers have to face justice for mass murder and pay back all the money they stole.

You can check the shareholders of every company in the stock market at: In the search box, type the name of the company and click holders. For example, use Pfizer.

The class actions just started. Take your freedom back, take your money back, make the bankers face justice and make the bankers pay.