Government -“We follow the scientist” and the scientists say “We follow orders from the government” freedom of information requests proves. Blame Game.

We asked the Wales Government and they replied the following:

Dear Katon Bouzalakos

Thank you for your correspondence of 15 December of information about
COVID-19 and vaccines.

In Wales, we are led by the latest clinical and scientific evidence and
advice from the Joint Committee for Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI)
and the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) in
terms of the Covid-19 vaccination programme. All the vaccines being
deployed have been approved as safe for use by the MHRA.

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Rigorous clinical
trials have been undertaken to understand the immune response, safety
profile and efficacy of these vaccines as part of the regulatory process.
The vaccinations given already are helping to save lives and ease pressure
on the NHS by reducing the severity of COVID should people contract it.
The MHRA continually monitors safety during the widespread use of any
vaccine to ensure these are performing as expected, to identify any new
side effects that may arise, and to ensure the benefits continue to
outweigh the risks. Side effects can be reported directly via the
Coronavirus Yellow Card reporting site on the MHRA website. The
ingredients of all COVID-19 vaccines approved for use in the UK can also
be found on the MHRA website.

Vaccines have both direct effects benefiting those who are vaccinated and
indirect effects benefiting the wider population.  Following scientific
and medical advice, our policy reflects the fact that vaccines are
effective in reducing infection risk after being exposed and are likely to
reduce the ability to transmit the infection to others.  Further
information on Vaccine effectiveness against hospitalisation, mortality
and onward transmission can be found via the attached link:

It should also be noted the vaccine is not mandatory and it is your right
not to get vaccinated if you do want to. Patient leaflets and information
are available to people prior to vaccination so individuals can make an
informed decision.

I hope this information is helpful.

Kind regards,

The Vaccination Policy Team

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They asked MHRA and this is what they replied: Our Ref: FOI 22/1002

Thank you for your Freedom of Information request

All the Covid vaccines and therapeutics authorisation decisions were taken by the Licensing
Minister and were not delegated. The MHRA does not hold a document describing the flow of
delegation from the Secretary of State to posts/people in MHRA who can authorise medicines for
public use.

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