People censor life-saving information for profit these people will face Justice for Mass Murder. Check out the top 11 free speech platforms.

Google turned to dictator one ring to rule them all. If the movie Terminator becomes true in the future google will be Skynet. Google is nice for shopping, maps, entertainment but they censor very important information and track your internet activity. One day they will face justice for mass murder like BBC and all the platforms censor life-saving information for profit.

DuckDuckGo is an internet search engine that prioritizes the privacy of the people who use it to find results to their online queries. One of the biggest selling points of this private engine is that the search results are the same for every user. for more info visit:

Youtube is perfect for non-political and medical issues like comedy, DIY, tutorials yes is a good platform but has a problem you can’t find political and medical content they don’t like. Freedom of speech is limited. All the censored videos from Youtube you can find them to the following platforms:

If a video is censored from Youtube you will find it on the following platforms: Bit chute, Brighteon, Brandnewtube, Bannedvideo, Rumble, Odysee.  Sometimes they can be a bit slow but if you need a free from censorship video you have to wait 1 second or 2.

Facebook blocked me for 1 month because I uploaded a medical study from an award-winning journal. That is why I use Telegram most of the time. Find me on Facebook : on facebook raw material:

Telegram is a mix of Facebook and messenger hybrid it took me a few days to use to it but it is worth the effort. Hope it will stay like that. My Telegram Page has raw material over 500 posts enjoy : Stop the Genocide Listen to the facts

Twitter is the king of censorship blocked Donald Trump Twitter account in January 2021 because they claimed he did something wrong. If he did something wrong let the judge do his job 75 million Americans voted for him is not your job to judge him. The biggest mistake of Twitter was to block DR Robert Malone Twitter account.  Look what happened next on the following link:

The alternative to Twitter is GETTTR, GAB and PARLER I like them all. GETTR got a tsunami of users from Twitter when Joy Rogan and Robert Malone opened an account on GETTER. Millions of people moved to Gettr because of that only.

I like GAB is web-based good for low memory mobiles just make a shortcut on your home screen and free speech in one click. this is my GETTR account:

If you want to find us on different platforms visit our contact page on the menu.