Is Twitter becoming the beacon of free speech or the biggest trap in the world?

Elon Musk can have the best intentions for Twitter, for example, he restored free speech now he wants to turn Twitter into an everything app. What if you build your business through your Twitter account for years and suddenly one day your account is permanently restricted? Or acts like PayPal who told users it will fine them $2,500 for misinformation. Thousands of right-wing users left PayPal now they’re looking for a new online banking PayPal alternative. 

Elon Musk wants to turn Twitter into an “everything App” and one of its functions will be online banking. Is Elon Musk trying to bring all the right-wing users to Twitter by promising them freedom of speech?

What if I build a twitter store and my only income is from Twitter? If twitter restricts my account, I am doomed. Everything apps are a dangerous thing for freedom and democracy if controlled by the wrong people, like bankers.

One day, Twitter will become the WeChat of the west. Chinese WeChat is 100% controlled by the tyrannical Chinese Dictatorship.

Twitter can become the best freedom and money platform in the world. But Banks control the politicians and can force Twitter to censor sooner or later, restrict payments, or restrict accounts. They did it before, and they will do it again.

If you want freedom and peace, educate yourself and jail the bankers, they are the biggest criminals in the world.

In the following video, Meteorologist Tony Heller praises twitter. But Dr. Shiva Ayadyrlei believes is just a trap, listen to both of them and make up your mind.

Dr Shiva Ayardule interview: