Deadly medicine small punishment. Nobody went to Jail.

Big pharma murdering people for profit. It is been proven again and again.

Merck pleaded guilty and paid $950m to settle criminal and civil liabilities for unlawful promotion and marketing of its painkiller drug Vioxx in 2011.

The FDA initially approved Vioxx to provide relief from the signs and symptoms of osteoarthritis, management of acute pain, and treatment of primary dysmenorrhea in 1999. However, the company misbranded Vioxx for rheumatoid arthritis in the interim three years before receiving the FDA’s approval for the indication in 2002. The drug was later withdrawn in 2004.

Merck was also found guilty of making false and misleading claims regarding the cardiovascular safety of the drug to increase its sales. The claims affected the payment decisions of the state Medicaid agencies. read the full store on the following link:

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