London protest 30/10/2021 We started from Hyde park walked to the Canadian and Australian embassies. These 2 countries have a mix of communist fascist medical tyranny, soon it will arrive in the United Kindom and the rest of the world if we don’t stop them.

Some Australians have been damaged from the first covid vaccine and now the Australian Government forcing them to have the second vaccine, this is medical tyranny. Australian politicians have to face justice. Canada is threatening the un-vaccinated with strict measures, some Canadians talking about concentration camps it will not surprise me at all. The UK has already 4 mega jails waiting for customers. If you are vaccinated and you think you are safe think again. Heart attacks blood clots are 25% higher than usual you think that is a coincidence? Israel forcing for the 4th shot and don’t forget this vaccine is mRNA emergency approved and has no liability. Get ready for the 2024 smart covid booster from Swansea University.

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