Some people got rich and some died from covid. Pfizer, Moderna beyond their projected $51 billion in combined Covid vaccine sales this year

Pfizer and Moderna expect $51 billion in combined vaccine sales in the coming year, even as the omicron wave dramatically subsides in many parts of the world and both companies believe the pandemic is shifting into an endemic phase where the virus will be less disruptive to society.

Pfizer expects $32 billion in Covid vaccine sales for 2022, while Moderna is forecasting at least $19 billion in salesthe companies said in their fourth-quarter earnings statements released last month.


Those are minimum sales, reflecting contracts that have already been signed by nations across the world anticipating their need for the year. But they could be far higher, depending on the trajectory of the virus. Pfizer just raised its 2022 Covid vaccine sales guidance by $1 billion from its previous forecast given to investors in the third quarter while Moderna upped its guidance by $2 billion.

The companies’ 2022 expectations come after booking bumper revenues during the the first full year of the Covid vaccine rollout. Pfizer sold $36.7 billion of its Covid vaccine worldwide in 2021, representing 45% of its total year revenue of $81.2 billion. Moderna’s vaccine is its only commercially available product, and the $17.7 billion in 2021 sales represents effectively all of its $18.5 billion yearly revenue.To read the full story click the link: