WATCH The Voice Of Wales Lads Make Mark Drakeford snap 10 December 2021! He is working for the Bankers and China. He is a threat to Wales people.

10 December 2021 Mark Drekford visit Swansea Guild Hall. They had the audacity to talk about human rights. A few weeks ago they closed  Cinema & co because the owner refused to discriminate against people by asking them for vaccine passports. A law that Mark Drakeford and his party pass, is against human rights. We don’t know if covid is a biological weapon, what if China realised this Virus to kill people, destroy our economy and democracy.

Did Mark Dreakfork investigate that?  With covid pass, Swansea smart vaccine, ID2020 database selling farms to plant trees with taxpayer money, Poisoning kids brains with “Sex education” or better call it kids brainwashing, postponed colonoscopy and other live-saving treatments leave people to die untreated, serve DNR FORUMS in the care homes, then you tell us you trying to save lives from civil? Heart attacks skyrocketed from covid jabs and you keep quiet.  You work against your people you are a traitor Mark Drekeford.

You working for the globalists and China, Nuremberg 2 on the way you will face justice.