Follow the money. What common has Swansea University, Microsoft, (ICON PRA Health Sciences), Swansea Smart Vaccine, Bill Gates, Antony Fauci, Hillary Clinton and Wuhan city in China?

Swansea University Covid Smart Vaccine booster will be ready 2024 / 2025 if you don’t take your yearly booster you lose your vaccination passport:

Swansea University smart vaccine is look like Bill Gates Patent number is  WO2019/018301 Microneedle tattoo patches.


Bill Gates Microsoft Patent WO2020060606 Cryptocurrency system using body activity data It will be connected to Swansea smart vaccine: 

( ICON PRA Health Sciences) has an office in Swansea, working with Bill Gates, and Microsoft to develop a COVID Health Harmony COVID-19 Monitoring Program. It will connect with Swansea University’s smart vaccine.

Swansea sister city Wuhan is were Covid-19 “escaped” from the lab. Now Swansea develops a microchip for the Wuhan virus.

Swansea Uni Wuhan:

Hillary Clinton demands Boris ‘mandate vaccines’ and wants those refusing jabs sacked 14 October 2017 Hillary Clinton Visit Swansea University Protesters waited for Hilary in Swansea why are they calling her Killary Clinton? Clinton Foundation website indicates the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has donated ‘”Greater than $25,000,000″ to the Clinton Foundation.

OCTOBER 2008 Bill Gates grand Swansea University To use peptides which activate stationary-phase microbes, leading to cell growth, with the aim of increasing susceptibility to established treatments $100.000

NOVEMBER 2016 To develop a showcase toilet superstructure and build fundamental knowledge in the properties and usefulness of human waste products $224,595 :

Bill Gates have very good relation with China. Gates partner Antony Fauci was funding Wuhan Lab is a possibility that Bill Gates is involved in Covid-19 virus development? Is Bill Gates created Covid 19 and now selling his products as a solution? Don’t forget Gates has shares on all vaccines and he “owns” W.H.O. Gates Foundation helped ‘raise China’s voice of governance’ in Africa, emails show: