Labour Party Accepted £700,000 From Alleged Chinese Communist Spy And Conservatives £2 Million from Russia. This is a banana Democracy. That is why we have communists stile lockdown and communist Covid pass what is left is concentration camps and the Long queues for a piece of bread.

Christine Lee, the alleged Chinese Communist spy, reportedly donated over £700,000 to the left-wing Labour Party in Britain as a part of a “political interference” campaign orchestrated by Beijing.

On Thursday, it was revealed that MI5 had contacted the Speaker of the House of Commons, Sir Lindsay Hoyle, warning that the founder of the “British Chinese Project”, Christine Lee had been working to engage with members of parliament to “subvert the process” of democracy.

The main target of the alleged espionage plot centred around former socialist Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, Barry Gardiner MP.

Lee donated nearly £700,000 in political contributions to the Labour Party, according to The Sun, the vast majority of which directly went into the coffers of former Blair-era minister and Corbyn-era shadow cabinet member Barry Gardiner. Mr Gardiner is reported to have received over £500,000 from Ms Lee over a six-year period. Read the full story here:

LABOUR has been accused of ‘rank hypocrisy’ as they face criticism for calling on the Conservatives to return party donations from Russian oligarchs, while failing to reveal if their own Russian-linked money will be returned. Who’s been donating to the Labour party?

Foreign Secretary  said: “We will target anybody who we believe has links to the Putin regime, who is helping support, prop up, the Putin government. Nothing is off the table in terms of who we target.”

However, it was pointed out in the House of Commons last week that the Tory party accepted figures of up to £2m in donations from Russian-linked sources.

Labour party leader Sir Keir Starmer accused Mr Johnson of presiding over an “era of oligarch impunity”, and party members demanded the Tories return these donations.