Detox from the killer covid injections, and any other toxins, also reduce the symptoms of Autism with plants in your garden.

According to the following 4 sources, plants like Pine Needle, Fennel, Dandelions, or star anise can help detox your body. All of them contain Suramin. Caution with dose, ask your doctor.

In 1980, Mikovits received her BA degree[6] in chemistry from the University of VirginiaPhD in biochemistry[1] from George Washington University.Research Director of the Whittemore Peterson Institute, located in Reno, Nevada, 2006-2011

Download your free copy of the PDF document “Therapies for alleviating the Toxic and Pathological effects of the experimental Covid-19 “Vaccine”

From Dr Rallis Andrew bsC, MSC, PhD website

What to Take? How much to take? Where does it come from? Where to get it?

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