If a person breaks your window and you find out is the one sales windows are you going to buy a window from him? If the person makes a virus and you find out this person sales vaccines for this virus are you going to have his vaccines?

The medical advisor of President Biden Antony Fauci Paid 3 million dollars to Wuhan Lab where the virus started. Antony Fauci Partner Bill Gates has Covid Vaccines shares. All about Antony Fauci: https://freedragon.uk/president-bidens-advisor-antony-fauci-and-bill-gates-partner-he-isnt-only-a-doctor-has-magical-capabilities-in-2017-speech-predicted-the-future-listen-to-him/

In an interview, Nobel price winner and PCR test inventor Kary Mullis called Antony Fauci a lier and challenge him on a live debate. of course, Antony Fauci didn’t even reply Kary Mullis died a few months before covid started.

Dr Judy A Mikovits PHD  Nobel laureate winner exposes Covid-19 & Dr Fauci

Dr Judi A Mikovits calls Antony Fauci criminal. watch her interview. and read her book: Plague of Corruption.