Lawyer Anna De Buisseret on the UK Criminal Investigation into COVID injections

Anna De Buisseret comments on the UK police force’s denial that any criminal investigation into the COVID injection was taking place, followed by their admittance that the investigation actually did take place, but that they found no evidence of wrong doing. Anna explains that the evidence is abundant – and that the presence of undisclosed ingredients in the injections means that no one who the shot has been administered to was able to give their informed consent, meaning that serious crimes have undeniably been committed. Anna gives several reasons as to why the UK police force have refused to conduct a proper investigation, including: the police not understanding the law; many police having taken Freemason and Jesuit oaths; many suspects in the investigation being nurses that are closely related or romantically involved with police; and the effects of mass formation psychosis.

26th February 2022,
Freedom Rally, London.
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