Pfizer’s report will put the politicians and Big pharma in trouble. Ukraine war will have thousands of deaths is a distraction. Vaccine war will have over 4 Billion deaths this is what the bankers trying to hide.

This is what they trying to hide: they vaccinated over 4.4 billion people all around the world with a slow immune system killer bioweapon. Their deaths will be blamed on a new virus or natural causes. These people will have many health problems in the future probably death. The Pfizer drug company tried to keep the documents related to their emergency Covid-19 vaccine secret for 75 years, but a judge ordered the documents released immediately. Now Dr. Robert Malone, public activist Naomi Wolf and others are poring through the documents (available online here). The public is asked to participate in examining the documents in order to get information out as quickly as possible about how we were misled about dangers and shortcuts related to the vaccine. Read the full story: