Claim £120,000 from Damage Payments Act 1979 for those harmed as a result of receiving a covid-19 vaccine. Have a D-dimer test before and after your vaccine.

Claim £120.000 from covid vaccine damage.  Have as many health tests as possible before and after the vaccine. One good test for micro blood clots is D-dimer to prove that you have been healthy. Take private health insurance before the vaccine to get money. Make sure they pay and speak far and wide to save families and friends.

Today I was talking with a lady from Swansea who lost her 58-year-old mother from blood clots she had the covid vaccine 10 days ago. I told her is very common for people to die from blood clots after the vaccine on Yellow Card are almost 1900 deaths from the vaccine she had no idea about it. People have been fooled by mainstream media like BBC to believe these vaccines are safe. This lady has to claim £120,000. She had no idea how. Everyone is involved in this mass murder must face justice. Claim £120.00 on the following website:

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