Under the skin surveillance. Advisor of World Economy Forum and United Nations Yuval Noah Harari: The first version of the microchip will be a simple few versions down the road, and we will read your mind probably by 2030. Swansea Uni smart vaccine.

Yovan Harari describes Swansea covid smart vaccine indirectly. I am not happy to pay tax for Harari and unelected people to force me to have a microchip that can read my mind by 2030 do you? Mark Drakeford and his government implemented covid pass because he is working for Word Economy Forum and United Nations, not for the Wales people.  Mark Drakeford is a traitor and a murderer. 

Top World Economic Forum (WEF) adviser Yuval Noah Harari recently declared that the world does not “need the vast majority” of the current population due to technological advances. Read the full story.https://thewhiterose.uk/world-economic-forum-adviser-claims-the-planet-no-longer-needs-the-vast-majority-of-the-population/