Your Phone tracking you. Buy a De-googled phone, Linux computer, and VPN home router. The Complete guide for privacy.

The best way to keep your privacy is to avoid using mobiles, tablets, and computers. Next best try the following

When you buy an Android phone or iPhone, you have to log in and agree to the terms and conditions. One of the terms is you have to “lose” your privacy.

The following products may help you get some of your privacy back. We are not experts on cybersecurity, you have to make your own research.

Visit Rob Braxman shop, or his VPN service Rob Braxman is a Cybersecurity expert and YouTuber. On his website offer VPN routers, De-googled phones, and more items that can help you with your privacy. Follow his YouTube channel here: Or his Rumble channel here:

Alternative visit the UK Based website specialized to de-google your phone: