I, Katon Bouzalakos 2021 Swansea West Candidate, declare Mark Drakeford and all the people who are involved in covid-19 medical dictatorship as traitors and murderers. I demand their arrest.

After over 3000 hours of research on the covid-19 matter, I created www.freedragon.uk to share facts and evidence that Wales and most governments around the world are committing crimes against humanity. The facts and evidence on this website are more than enough to start an investigation and arrest these traitors. Yes, lots of people died since the covid started we will never know the real number of people who died from covid, mistreatment, flu or other health conditions. What we know is that the covid vaccines are life-changing long term dangerous. The covid restrictions and covid pass is the biggest threat for humanity

The mastermind of all this covid mass murder and medical dictatorship is the Bankers. The private cryptocurrency is killing the banks we don’t need banks anymore and they know it, they needed a plan to take back control. The Great Reset and the bbb (build back better)  is their slogan. like Emperor Nero tried to burn Rome: Great Fire of Rome began on the night of 18 July 64. He wanted to build back better Rome the people find it out and stop him this time the bankers have BBC and all the mainstream media to brainwash people they bought politician doctors, Judges, celebrities and anybody have a key role in their goal. Click the following link: World bank was exposed by Belarus President

China is where covid started and coincidentally is the biggest winner from covid the Chinese economy growing more and more the last two years at the same time the rest of the world has lost their basic human rights, coincidence?  China is the role model of the great reset: Tyrannical government, no opposition, concentration camps, slave labour, extreme surveillance, organ harvesting and top to bottom control. they want to delete human rights ones and for all. That is why they need covid restrictions, covid pass, and lockdown. This is what the bankers want, create a global dictatorship and delete human rights. Get your Swansea smart vaccine tattoo and shut up.

Nuremberg trials 2 are on the way. I want to say to all the Bankers, politicians, pharmaceuticals, doctors, academics,  reporters, celebrities, judges, police officers and all of you who know and supporting this mass murder and medical dictatorship you will face justice. https://freedragon.uk/poland-house-of-representatives-investigation-committee-inauguration-with-dr-reiner-fullmich/