Various types of biological warfare have been practised repeatedly throughout history what if covid is a biological weapon? We have to find who killed our people and freedoms and make them face Justice.

Maybe we will never learn if covid is man-made if it comes from a food market, a lab or the vaccine. What we know is since covid started we lost our basic human rights and every day the governments around the world they making a race for new restrictions. In Australia, covid camps for people tested positive, In Greece 100 Euro fine if you are over 60 years old and you are not vaccinated or you don’t get your booster. In Austria fines and lockdowns for the unvaccinated. in UK and Italy covid pass or test to enter. Is a race to fine, restrict and punish the people if they don’t obey to covid rules. What if we live in a biological war and our politicians dressed as our saviour, but in reality are our executioners. like a wolf dressed as a sheep? Did you ever thought about it?

Let’s go to the facts now: President Biden medical advisor Antony Fauci predicted the pandemic in 2017  and paid over $ 3 million to Wuhan Lab in China for research. At the same time, Antony is a partner with the medical king Bill Gates he spent 10 billion dollars on vaccines coincidentally  Gates has shares on Modern, Phizer, Astrazenica and other vaccine companies. Gates stated in World Economy Forum in Switzerland Davos 2019  he will have the return of investment 20 to 1, do the maths

Bill Gates spend his money wise he gives grants to every organization, university, company or personnel that has a key role in selling his vaccines. For example, Imperial College London the University that lock as down received a total of over 200 million dollars from Gates. BBC that speaks 247 for covid got 53 million, oxford that developed the AstraZeneca vaccine over 200 dollars. and the list goes on and on.

Gates and China have a very good relationship. Gates even helped China to get medical contracts in Africa and they have many ongoing projects. All these facts can prove nothing.

My question is: What if the Bankers, China, Gates and the Elite are fed up with our human rights and they want to burn the world like  Emperor Nero? Are you going to stop them? Or let them do The Great Reset and the build back better?  

The facts we have found in the last 2 years are enough for me.

We live in a biological war and the government has been bought by the enemy.

We only need 3% to 10% of the population to make the traitors face justice and destroy the biggest threat to humanity: The banks