Murder and Robbery in Plain Sight. According to Office for National Statistics, 6.000 people died “FROM” Covid and According to the Yellow card, more than 1.900 died from covid vaccines and over 400.000 had side effects most of them damaged for life.

What is the differences between  “Died with Covid” VS “Died from Covid” check the Office for National Statistics and spot the differences click the link: Office for National Statistics 

Check the Damage of covid vaccines on Yellow card click the link: Yellow Card Scheme

In the following video, Nigel Farage breaks down the cost of Covid over £400 Billion. The pharmaceutical companies milked NHS  dry. Over 6 million people on the waiting list like cancer. Rise over 20% in heart attacks, rise deaths home alone, rise death in kids, people dying untreated and more and more and more.  all this in the name of covid.